One of WiFL’s flagship programmes. 

WiFL Mentorship

One of WiFL’s flagship initiatives is our mentoring programme. We are acutely aware that no one makes it to the top without a little help. Looking back, many of our founding members wish that they had had someone to guide them when they were first starting out their careers. 

Mentoring is more than advice and guidance, it is an opportunity for sharing knowledge, experience and providing support along with practical skills and techniques for professional progression within family law.

Our group is diverse geographically and also within the specific roles our members hold. This means that all members have ready access to a local mentor who is an expert in family law. This supportive network, is well established professionally and personally and all our mentors are experienced as leaders in their field. WIFL mentors, will share their own experiences, whilst listening, advising and critically, enabling growth.

Why become a mentee?

We hope that this facility can offer the next generation of family lawyers the tools to help them thrive in the profession. Whether you want more exposure to courtroom advocacy, tips on overcoming low self-confidence, practical advice on managing work with other commitments, or just a confidential outlet for when things get too much, our mentoring programme is designed to help women overcome the barriers that prevent them from progressing in our profession.

wifl Mentoring and Mentee program

Why become a mentor?

Mentors can play a significant role in shaping the trajectory of other women’s careers in the field of family law. It is a privilege and also a responsibility. We are always on the look-out for practitioners who think that they have the experience to guide the next generation of family lawyers. By becoming a mentor, you can help other women to grow in confidence. Do you wish you had had a mentor who could help you tackle imposter syndrome? A sympathetic ear to offer advice when you were struggling to balance work and caring commitments? Pearls of wisdom from another woman who has gone through what you are now going through? Then become a mentor and be the helping hand that you yourself would have wanted. 

Are you interested in finding a mentor or in becoming a mentor?

By joining as a member who would like to progress their career (or indeed to offer assistance as a mentor), the encouragement, guidance, “safe space” and the groups understanding of the challenges of the family law spectrum is a positive and much needed opportunity for those at any stage of their career.

Our mentoring programme is run by Katherine Rayden. Please email to register an interest in either becoming a mentee or in mentoring other women in family law. 

View our Mentoring Overview here.